Two Kids Together

Living with neurobehavioural disorders can be overwhelming to the individual and the family system as a whole. Working with an educational specialist, and a psychologist, to reinforce the neurological change into behaviour is an important step in providing that on-going support for your child to make the shift from who he’s been to who he’s becoming.

Once the brain has been retrained, the child and the child’s family need to change the way they behave, rather than falling into old habits.  Our Child Physiologist is available to work with the child and family to reinforce new and positive ways of behaving.  Whilst, an Education Specialist will assess what knowledge your child is missing and how to rectify those learning gaps.

Educational Specialist, Darrell Wills, will examine enhancing the child’s development rate. The precise nature of the gap between the child’s current performances in reading is examined and then mapped out in terms of learning trajectory and the work required to “catch up”.

Darrell will monitor regularly to assure the correct trajectory is occurring. By way of example, a child in year 2 may present with year 1 skills. This is 50% of expectation and thus requires an enhanced rate (e.g. 300%) to be able to “catch up” in 6 months.

This approach is very successful and average learning trajectories for those children who work with Darrell’s is 325%.