Love Your Anxious Child Webinar

Discover the real causes of your child's anxiety

DATE: Thursday 29th August

TIME: at 6.00pm Perth time (AWST)

8.00pm Melbourne time (AEST)

Live Webinar + Q&A with Dr. Natalie and Leigh

Mother of an anxious child for anxious child program by Dr Natalie Challis and Leigh Shinde

Here's what's included in the webinar:

  • The three different phases to loving your anxious child

  • Why it's not your parenting or your childs personality that causes anxiety

  • Why the biomedical model keeps failing our children

  • The five different brain presentations of an anxious child

  • How to determine which one is your child's brain

  • Learn about real-life case-studies that this has worked for

Imagine having a window into your child's brain

Being able to understand what they are trying to tell you through their behaviour

What they are feeling and experiencing but can't say

During this webinar, Dr Natalie shares the five different anxious brain map presentations with you

An understanding that will bring you closer to your child and closer to a real solution

\"I knew something wasn\'t quite right with my teenage son. He was irritable all the time, slept a lot, and would isolate himself in his room.

Dr Nat and Leigh gave me insight into what was happening from a physical point of view. I\'d never even considered that. When we started implementing the changes Dr Nat and Leigh recommended, the complete about-face in his behaviour was profound. It\'s like he\'s a different kid altogether. Instead of locking himself away in his room, he now hangs out in the kitchen and loves to chat!

Having Dr Nat and Leigh\'s support made the lifestyle transition easy. Seeing the results made it so worthwhile. It\'s changed our whole family. We all feel so much better.\"

Cass Fisher, Aromatherapist

Here's what you'll gain from the Webinar


Clarity on the Love Your Anxious Child Program, how it works, what's involved, and how it can help your anxious child


The five different brain presentations of anxious children & how to determine which is causing your child's anxiety


Connect with Dr. Nat and Leigh and other mothers, who know what it feels like to be the mother of an anxious child


Understand how the biomedical model of illness isn't capable of explaining, diagnosing or treating anxiety


That there is a tried and proven method that has worked for thousands of other children and could work for your child too


You'll walk away from the webinar feeling empowered and relieved knowing there is something that can be done for your child

There\'s nothing quite as heartbreaking as seeing your child in pain. The kind of pain you can\'t simply put a bandaid on and make go away.

It\'s debilitating. Not just for your anxious child, but for your whole family.

We mums tend to take on the idea that we\'re doing something wrong. It must be our parenting. It doesn\'t help that mental health professionals, teachers, even well meaning friends, often leave us feeling this way.

We start to doubt ourselves. We question our intuition.

It\'s not your parenting.

It\'s not your child\'s personality.

Discover the root causes of your child's anxiety PLUS have all your questions answered on the LIVE WEBINAR with Dr. Nat & Leigh

DATE: Thursday 29th August
TIME: 6.00pm Perth time (AWST) - 8.00pm Melbourne time (AEST)

Dr. Nat and Leigh empowered me to support my daughter better...

"Dr. Nat's process gave me such great insight into my 7-year old daughter's behaviour. I was so much more patient and able to support her better, because I understood her better.  Leigh's holistic knowledge of brain-body-gut nutrition not only helped our anxious child, but the whole family. They both have such a beautiful and caring approach."

- Denica Gibbs, Proud Mum. 


Do you wish there was somebody to guide you through how to help your child?

The good news is there is!

Dr Nat and Leigh are passionate about helping children with anxiety to become the confident, successful, calm and happy children that you know they can be.

Together they have successfully treated 1000\'s of children with anxiety and have developed an exclusive online program to help you to help your child.

The Love Your Anxious Child three-phase program over 6 weeks is designed to support mums who are ready and committed to making lasting change in both their lives and the life of their child.

Discover all about the program during the live webinar

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Discover the root causes of your child's anxiety PLUS have all your questions answered on the LIVE WEBINAR with Dr. Nat & Leigh

DATE: Thursday 29th August
TIME: 6.00pm Perth time (AWST) - 8.00pm Melbourne time (AEST)

Your webinar speakers Dr. Natalie and Leigh

\"We\'ve worked with so many families in our clinics. We\'ve helped thousands of children with anxiety. Time and time again we see worn-out families who feel as though they\'ve tried everything. It\'s not until we put everything together - the brain, body, and gut - that we see real improvement.\"
- Dr. Natalie Challis

Nat And Leigh Together

It\'s about empowering mums

What we do, works.

Natalie Challis 1

Hi! I'm Dr Natalie Challis

I became interested in children’s mental health when my son starting showing signs of anxiety. He was 4. Watching him struggle was the hardest and most distressing thing I’ve ever been through.

I remember the utter frustration of trying and failing, time and again, to get him the help he needed.

My gut told me it wasn’t his personality and I knew it had nothing to do with our parenting. Yet these were the reasons offered to me by multitudes of medical professionals.

Luckily I listened to my gut and successfully treated my child.

I’m now a neuro-psychotherapist who specialises in treating children with anxiety and other health concerns, mainly due to my personal experience.

What drives me? Mothers. I want to be an advocate for mothers experiencing the same distress and frustration I felt.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Hi! I'm Leigh Shinde

My story began after having my first child.

My health went into a deep decline.  I was overcome with fatigue, chronic digestive issues, allergies, chronic sinus infections, and brain fog.

My life long love affair with processed food finally caught up with me.

I bounced from Doctor to Doctor looking for answers. They gave me blood and stool tests, colonoscopies, the works. Everything came back normal and they kept telling me I’m fine.

But I didn’t feel fine. I started to question whether Doctors were looking in all the right places.

My sister, Dr Nat, taught me that chronic illness was the result of inflammation. Two weeks after tweaking my diet, I began to see results.

I became so fascinated by the connection between nutrition, the environment, and illness.

I’ve since completed a post graduate in human nutrition and nutritional environmental medicine.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing how powerful diet and natural supplementation are in the successful treatment of children who suffer so much, from anxiety and relatable symptoms.

That’s what drives me.

Leigh Shinde

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Achieve real results

\"Having to drag my distressed son from the car to school was heartbreaking. I\'d drive home in tears. His school work suffered because he was so anxious about getting anything wrong. Regular meltdowns at home had the whole family constantly walking on eggshells. It was exhausting and so very sad.

When we started working with Dr Nat and Leigh, we found the biggest challenge was the dietary changes. But with their support and guidance we persevered. We\'re so glad we did.

Our son no longer suffers from anxiety. He used to be so shy. We thought that was just his personality. Now he loves meeting new kids and is so social.

I feel like I\'m getting to know who my son really is for the first time. He\'s calmer. I\'m calmer. The connection I now have with him is just incredible.\"

Megan Fairclough, Business Owner

Anxiety can be more than simply managed

Heal your anxious child and bring your family back to joy and wellbeing

\" I\'ve become a bit obsessed with the course. I\'m finding everything so enlightening and starting to feel like I do have the power to change our lives. My drive to do this course was to find a way of helping my son now, so he doesn\'t have to fear his daily life.

It breaks my heart to see him go through such paralysing fear all the time. This course is showing me how to do that. How to take control and give him the very best support.

Everything I\'ve learnt makes so much sense. It\'s comprehensive but not overwhelming. Its positive in a way that makes me feel like I can change things, but I think you\'ve both done a great job at managing a mother\'s expectations too. I know that there is no quick fix for our issues, no one answer, diagnoses or medical modality.

It\'s holistic, realistic and nurturing. It came at just the right time for me, when I was struggling with my confidence as a parent, feeling judged, overwhelmed and alone. I feel like I\'ve been given a big virtual hug.\"

Kristen Walker

Discover the root causes of your child's anxiety PLUS have all your questions answered on the LIVE WEBINAR with Dr. Nat & Leigh

DATE: Thursday 29th August
TIME: 6.00pm Perth time (AWST) - 8.00pm Melbourne time (AEST)