The Anxiety Box

Think Outside The Box

Does your beautiful child have anxiety?

Have you ever noticed that once your child is labelled with anxiety, they are put in what I call “The Anxiety Box!”

The anxiety box is a like a dead end. Anytime the child tries to voice how they are feeling they get hit with the same response “It’s just your anxiety.” Younger children are often unable to articulate how anxiety makes them feel so their behaviour worsens, and they are then punished for that behaviour, soon everyone around them loses faith in their word and dismisses any complaint.

For example;
Child “I feel sick and my tummy hurts”
Doctor “It’s just your anxiety”

Child “I feel so tired, all the time”
Relative “It’s just your anxiety”

Child “I have a headache and I can’t concentrate”
Teacher “It’s just your anxiety”

But what if we really listened?

You can’t always think yourself better

Anxiety is not just in the mind; it is caused by a biological imbalance. Often anxiety is a symptom of that biological imbalance – not the cause.

Every single anxious child we have seen in the clinic has had an underlying cause of their anxiety. Whether it be; allergies, imbalances in gut bacteria, parasites, genetic mutations, brain inflammation or a combination of all of these.

If your child has anxiety there is always a root cause and we owe it to them to dig deeper and find that root cause.

Trust your intuition

We need to trust our mother’s intuition. Mum’s know that there must be more they can do, but we are told by family, friends, doctors and teachers the same message “It’s just their anxiety.”
There is no statement I dislike more than this, it undermines the significance of this condition, a condition that is exhausting, debilitating, relentless and so complex to treat.
There is nothing harder than being a Mum of a child with anxiety its heart wrenching to watch and we feel powerless to help. But Mum’s don’t give up! Listen to your intuition keep digging for that root cause and stay strong!

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