Dr Natalie Challis

Dr Natalie Challis B.Bus (HRM/Psych), D(Couns), QEEGD, MISNR, MACA, MANSA

Dr Challis, Neurotherapist, completed her Doctoral studies at Bond University. She then managed the Institute of Health Sciences Clinic at Bond University where she was responsible for clinical outcomes for patients of the clinic and the training of students within the Institute. The Clinic specialised in Biofeedback and EEG biofeedback treatments for patients experiencing challenges in the areas of mental health, pain management and stress management.

In 2011 Dr Challis founded the South West Neurotherapy Clinic (SWNC) in Western Australia. Over the years the proactive team at SWNC had excellent results with children with a variety of neurobehavioural disorders. The success of her treatment with children inspired Dr Challis to start the Kids Development Centre.

Natalie founded the Kids Development Centre to deliver wholistic treatment and support for children struggling with learning, developmental and mental health challenges. Her experience of combining the best of conventional and complementary therapies enables her to tailor treatment plans for each individual child to achieve the best possible outcome.

Natalie is constantly adding to her knowledge base through mentoring and study with some of the best in this field in the world. She has recently completed studies and gained the highest level of qualification in her field resulting in her becoming a board certified Diplomate in QEEG.