Brain Nutrition

Brain cells have three basic requirements:

  1. Oxygen
  2. Food
  3. Stimulation

In order for your brain to have the best nutritional support possible while undergoing Neurotherapy we recommend that certain supplements are introduced. Your therapist will outline the best supplement program for you, which may include one or some of the following:


Metagenics is the ‘practitioner only’ products division of Health World Limited – the Australian and New Zealand leader in research and development of specialised nutritional supplements for healthcare professionals.

Metagenics are only available to the public by prescription following a thorough consultation. These products are often stronger, use better quality herbs and nutrients and have undergone extensive laboratory research and in-patient testing to make sure they are safe and highly effective. Using natural products supports your body’s own healing mechanisms to restore wellness.


Metagenics Products

AdrenoTone contains a selection of adaptogenic herbs that are of benefit during times of stress. The formula enhances physiological function where there is reduced mental and physical tolerance to stress. The herbs in AdrenoTone support the nervous system and have a tonic effect on the adrenal glands, thereby assisting in the management of normal adrenal health in patients who are exhausted due to chronic stress.

Bio Q 150

  • Enhanced bioavailability and stability
  • Micellised with Ensorb™ for enhanced bioavailability
  • High strength, naturally sourced co-enzyme Q10

Meta B Complex
Metagenics Meta B Complex is a broad-spectrum vitamin, mineral and amino acid dietary supplement. It has been designed to help relieve stress and increase energy in the face of everyday hectic lifestyles. It is also designed to assist brain function such as memory and concentration and may help maintain healthy digestive function. This formula may also assist in the maintenance of healthy skin and hair. Meta B Complex is a high potency, B vitamin formula with supportive cofactors such as vitamin C, potassium and magnesium that may assist in the management of vitamin and mineral deficiency, thereby aiding the improvement of general wellbeing.

Meta EPA/DHA marine lipids represents the state of the art in purified fish oils, being concentrated to provide 50% EPA and DHA, unlike other forms which provide only 30% of these important fatty acids. The addition of vitamin E (as an excipient) provides additional antioxidant defence to protect the oils from rancidification.

NeuroCalm is a herbal supplement specifically designed for the promotion of a healthy stress response in men and women of all ages. Zizyphus, magnolia and pueraria have been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to assist in management of nervous disorders and to restore balance to physiological function during times of acute stress; and passionflower has been used traditionally as a mild sedative. This combination of traditional Chinese and Western herbs may assist in calming patients who are exhibiting symptoms of anxiety and tension during times of stress.

Metagenics Children’s Range

Neuro Care for Kids
Neuro Care for Kids is a great tasting, chocolate flavoured formula specifically designed for children.  The herbs in this formula support the nervous system and may have cognitive enhancing actions.  This combination may improve mental and physical tolerances to stress whilst assisting healthy nervous function and development, aiding with learning, memory retention, concentration and promotion of healthy behaviour in children of all ages.

Omega Care for Kids
Designed to provide a natural source of fish oil that children will find pleasant to take, Omega Care for Kids contains omega 3 fatty acids that may assist with the normal, healthy neurological development of children.