Your anxious child brain map

Anxious Child Brain Map By Dr Natalie Challis And Leigh Shinde Of Love Your Anxious Child Treatment Program

A window into your child’s anxious brain When we work directly with clients in our clinic the first step is always the anxious child brain map. This gives us a window into your child’s brain. This is what’s different about how we treat anxious children to other professionals you may have seen. When we see…

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Does your child have an inflamed brain?

Inflamed Brain Causes Anxiety In Children Is Explained In This Blog By Dr. Natalie Challis Of Love Your Beautiful Brain

Children aren’t the same as adults Before we discuss whether your child has an inflamed brain or not let’s first discuss their behaviour and where that comes from. Something to remember about children is that they are not little adults and therefore should not be treated as such. A child’s brain is very different from…

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